Strongman Memorial

The 2003 Johnny Perry Strongman Memorial in Elizabeth City N.C. was a great success and made me realize that along with powerlifting titles I want to make it to the 2004 NASS Nationals.



Ronnie and myself took my training partner Kyle Smiley Robertson, the best 220 pound Junior in the Nation in powerlifting, to the show with no previous training. Kyle wanted to try out a show and pay tribute to a great fallen brother and the man whose place he has had to try and fill in the gym for me. Johhny would have been right there in Kyle’s ear, for with no previous implement training, he showed no fear as he blistered the field in the first flight with a farmers walk and tire flip melody.
Kyle also took a first in the static hold, holding 570 pounds for 1 minute and seven second–15 seconds longer than anyone else. He took two third place finishes in the Conans wheel and the stone load. The only thing keping Kyle from winning the overall first place was his placing on the truck pull, but he nailed second place in his class down with style.
He showed that with heart you can overcome any obstacle and our goals are now in line, we plan to win our respected classes at the APA Worlds in Canada next spring as well as the NASS Strongman and Strongwoman Nationals next year. With qualifiers planned in both fields of battle there will be much to update over the next few months.
A special thanks to Tim Stallings for putting on such a wonderful show and Dione Wessels for her and her husbands Willie’s dedication to the sport and the money they all raised for the Perry Family. Though JP is not here in body he was definatley embodied in the hearts of all the competitors at this show. Also a very special thanks to our new adopted Lizard Lick Powerlifting Club member and soon to be one of the baddest strongmen on the scene, Brent “The Hitman” Lever, and my wishes for a quick recovery from his bicep injury.
On a closing note, the ref was one of Canada’s strongest men, Geoff Dolan, and his wife was there also. These are two of the kindest people I have ever meet and I am honored to call them friends.
Thanks to all who made it possible and next year add a woman’s division, and watch the ground shake!