Johnny Perry

To Johnny from Amy



On the morning of November 21, 2003, the Lord chose to call away one of the most special friends I have ever known. Johnny Wade Perry, Jr. He was better known to me as Johnboy or just old JP.
At the time Johnny left us to receive his wings, he was ranked the fourth strongest man in the world. Johnny stood 6’6″ and weighed in at 380 pounds, but he cast a much larger shadow with his tender heart and gentle smile. Johnny was a friend, a teacher, a coach and a trainer, but most of all he was a big brother to me. Never a day went by that he did not stop to make me smile or laugh and take the time out to let me know that he cared.



Johnny, you used to always tell me, “If I tell you a rooster can pull a freight train Vaughan, then hook ‘em up.”Well, you told me I was going to be the strongest 148er in the history of powerlfiting, and I will one day make you proud. I can hear that rooster crowing now as he is getting harnessed up to that old train.
Johnny’s passing has left a dark and endless pit in my life that time cannot fill, so this page will serve as a constant reminder of a true gentle giant that shunned fame and fortune, and always tried to let the spotlight shine on others instead of himself.
I will make you proud of me one day big brother, and I hope you keep a squat rack open for me in heaven’s gym. We will be lifting together again soon. I will always be your little “Butch” – even though I hated that name, I wish you were still here to call it out in the middle of a crowded room. You were called away too soon from our presence, but God has a master plan and must have required your services in heaven. May God keep and protect you until we all once again become a family – a family of angels.
Always your Firecracker,
Amy Lynn Vaughan



Gimme, gimme, gimme – a redneck girl!


As It Was– So It Shall Be Again
Keep A Bench Open In Heaven…


JP and Lori – Always and Forever…