About Amy


Owner Kevin “Pretty Boy” Bunn,
and his better half, Wendy w/Chi-Chi

I currently train at Planet Fitness in Clayton, NC. The gym is owned by Kevin Bunn – a National Level bodybuilding competitor. I have visited many gyms, both hardcore and fitness oriented, but never felt I had a home until I went to Planet Fitness.


Kevin’s gym incorporates all aspects of the lifting world, while allowing everyone to become one big family. We have champion bodybuilders, fitness models, powerlifters, as well as a general member base of 2500. The gym is diveded into sections, including a large cardio area equipped with televisions, a general hammer strength section, an indoor basketball court, a large karate and aerobics room, a daycare with televised observation and the “Chamber”.


The “Chamber” is the area where the Clayton crew does its most devious destruction and growth. The weights tremble at the lightest footsteps as they enter, wondering if the bars can withstand another day of torture and abuse. Weight in this room is moved in only heavy increments and respect is earned and never lightly treaded on. Upon entering this area, you come to the quick realization that you have embarked into a realm very few ever return from – hairs stand tall on your neck; your bloods runs cold as your palms become clammy; your heart begins to pound in your chest as an old woodsman taking his grit to a redwood, forever relentles, forever determined. Your presence here is welcomed by all who are entwined in the chamber’s grip, and the family grows as a young star destined for greatness. The roots entwine you as you loose yourself in this world of controlled chaos. All that embark with you only ask you give the support that you receive.



Jeff in the “Chamber”

This room, set in the back of Planet Fitness, is a room of power, a room that consumes your soul upon entrance and relinquishes it upon your exit. Chalk smeared across the bars, sweat puddled uopn the floor, bits of blood and skin draped across the knurling of the hardcore bars. The walls are lined with mirrors so you can watch the lifting demons arise deep from within you, only to be vanquished until tomorrow when you return for your next conquest.



Planet Fitness is a gym within a gym within a gym. You can accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself with the right dedication and hard work, and Kevin allows you to grow at the rate you deem neccesary while always supplying you with the proper supporting cast and the most awesome facility.


Me, Bubba Ray, Bald Headed Kenny
and Northstate Mike
Why do guys always watch me from behind?

I welcome any and all of you if you are ever in the area to visit my gym, come grab a quick workout, massage, basketball game or just some great shakes and smoothies. But if you have the true grit, and think you have the fortitude and backbone to survive, come visit our hardcore room, see where the Firecracker gets her “bang”, you will never look at lifting the same again. You will forever remember “The Chamber”.





The Clayton Crew



Bald Headed Kenny
The Attitude of the Clayton Crew


Kyle “Smiley” Robertson
The 21 year old Phenom of the Clayton Crew


Kevin “Pretty Boy” Bunn
Gym Owner, Bodybuilder and Powerlifter
The Height of The Clayton Crew


John “Moccasins” Pinder
The Rock of the Clayton Crew


Brett–The Wing man in the Clayton Crew


Vanessa and Melody
The Beauty of the Clayton Crew


Jay–The Strong Arm of the Clayton Crew


Brett and Kenny
Who’s your Daddy?


There are many types of lifiting out there and many more types of lifters. Every organization has it’s own set of rules and gear restrictions. From the raw organizations to the anything goes non-sanctioned meets, there is a venue out there for each individual’s taste. Though I do not myself lift in either types of these meets, I do not criticize any lifter who does. We lift for the love of the sport and each have a set goal that we would like to achieve.
I am not for federation bashing or in that old this type of lifter is stronger and more durable than that type of lifter (raw vs. gear) dispute. I lift where I am happy lifting and encourage everyone to do the same.


My Supporting cast is on me, as well as behind me

I personally lift with the assistance of gear. I have reached this decision after months of consideration when I began taking into effect my age of 22 years old and the goals I am most wanting to achieve. I want to save my body and be able to still run when I am 60. I personally feel the gear will aid in saving my joints and ligaments from quicker wear and tear, as well as allow me to reach my goals. I am looking to become the strongest all-time 148 pound woman in the history of the world of powerlifting and am currently about 100 pounds off of that mark.


I compete in the American Powerlifitng Federation (APF) and the American Powerlifting Association (APA). In both organizations, I squat in a Rickey Dale Crain double poly Genesis suit. I have tried many squat suits and this one, in my book, outperforms all of them. The support and explosion out of the hole is next to none and the durability is tremendous. My knees are wrapped with Rickey Dale Crain’s knee wraps – there are none that can be wrapped tighter on the market today. My feet are fitted with Rickey’s infamous squat shoes. Of all the ones I have slipped on these feet, his shoes are – bar none – the best supportive and balance-assisting shoes that I have worn.
I bench in a Karin Double Denim and can only say that you have not truly hit your potential unless you have worn one of these. If you want a monster bench, go denim – plus I always though that I look good in Wranglers :) My wrists are securely fitted with Rickey Dale Crain wrist wraps. I feel that they are much tighter and more supportive than other brands that I have experimented with.
I deadlift in a Rickey Dale Crain Power Deadlift suit, double ply poly. My numbers were stuck fro a long time until I slipped into this unique suit. It alone added over 40 pounds to my deadlift.
Under all this apparel I sport, depending on the organization, either a single ply groove brief or a double ply Genesis trainer – both made by RDC. As you can see, most of the gear that I feel produces the greatest results are Rickey Dale Crain gear – and my numbers speak for themselves.
In his gear, and with the help of the Karin shirt, my numbers make me currently the number one ranked Junior in the World in the 148 class and one of the top three 148 female open lifters in the United States. Hopefully, after June of 2004, that number will also be moved into the sole holding top spot – and I am depending on Mr. Crain and his gear to eventually give me the all-time greatest total in my weight class.

How you lift is up to you, but if you want to lift in any gear-oriented organziation, then try Rickey’s products. You can find his link on my main page or in my links section under Crain’s Muscle World. I also wish everyone who visits here the best in their endeavors in this sport

Set your goals — Lift your dreams!