Lil Firecracker


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Bench:315 lbs
Dead Lift:450 lbs
Totals:1300 lb
Goin' my way?

The Firecracker Flex

Amy “Firecracker”

Organizations and Competition class: currently compete in the 148 class and have done American Powerlifting Association (APA) and American Powerlifting Federation (APF) meets.

Affiliations:I am a member of the Lizard Lick Powerlifting Club.

 Jason Hocutt (Former Collegiate All-American)

Ron Shirley (Tough Man Competitor)

 Brooks Ray (Just a Big Ole Country Boy)

“The Clayton Crew” which includes:

Ronnie ” Shackles” Shirley

Bald Headed Kenny

Kyle “Smiley” Robertson

John “Mocassins” Pinder

Kevin ” Pretty Boy” Bunn

Jeremy and Brett.

Objectives:I want to break all the APF Open World Records before I leave the Junior division and be remembered as one of the best 148ers of all time. I also want to use the gift God gave me for lifting, and inspiring others and be a motivating factor in their lives – especially children.Special Accomplishments:As of my last meet, the APA Nationals in Virginia, this is how my lifts rank:

Overall Women’s 148 class:

Squat–10th Bench–26th Dead Lift–29th Totals–7th

American Women’s 148 Class:

Squat–4th Bench–11th Dead Lift–13th Totals–3rd

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank the following for all you do to help me in this game called life.

First and foremost is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, without whom none of this would be remotely possible.

Ronnie Shirley, my soulmate, words are just not enough, I will always be there for you as you are for me.

Jeff “”The Stuff”” McVicar and Brandon “”C-4″” Cass, you are my two big brothers who help guide and protect me each step of the way.

Julie “”Zenmaster”” Scanlon, you continue to be my inspiration to lift and set the pace to follow.

Rickey Dale Crain, I would not be near the lifter I am today without your advice and gear.

Brooks “”Bubba”” Ray and Jason Hocutt, The other half of the LLPC, thank you for all your help and support in and out of the gym.

Kevin “”Pretty Boy”” Bunn, Kyle “”Smiley”” Robertson, John “”Mocassins”” Pinder, “”Bald Headed”” Kenny and Brett, the Clayton Crew, where would I be each session without you guys, lets make this a long trip together.

Kara B, Kris J, Gabrielle B, Nance A, Rebecca S, thank you all for your support and guidance and accepting me into your world.

John Peterson and Capt Kirk, I would never forget about you two heroes.

To all the Board administrators and Lifters, thank you for making me feel like I am a someone

Scott Taylor, Kieran Kidder and Ernie Frantz thanks for letting me lift in your organizations and allowing me to participate in a sport I so dearly love.

To my family – Mama, Nancy, Donna, Bubba, Judy, Ron, Jason and my two little angels, Alex and Alexa, thank you for believing in me and never doubting my dreams or goals and supporting me in all the endeavors I undertake.

To my Best friends, Sandy and Lori, I love both of you, even though I can’t talk you into getting into a squat rack.

If I did not mention a name, please do not be upset, there are so many of you to whom I am grateful ,thank you from the bottom of my heart. Lastly to my fallen brother, Johhny Perry, though you are not here in body, I will always hear your words of wisdom and love in my heart, Thank you for just being big ole JP.Amy “”Firecracker”” Vaughan”