Make new friends, but keep the old…
These are silver, these are gold.


Life is short – Love Hard!

One of the most important parts of anyone’s life are their friends. A friend is someone who makes you smile at depression, makes you laugh at hurt, makes you love at hate and make you the complete person you turn out to become at the end of this game called life.

Here you will see many faces of both old and new friends, people I have met through the path of life and who have been gracious enough to share a laugh or tear with me – and in doing so, have made me feel as though I am something to someone.

Kid Throw here

I would like to close this page with a poem from Javan in his book, Meet Me Halfway

We are born into the World
Like a blank canvas
And every person that crosses our path
Takes up the brush
And makes their mark
Upon our surface

So it is that we develop

But we must realize there comes a day
That we must take up the brush
And finish the work
For only we can determine
If we are to be
Just another painting
Or a Masterpiece

From the book – Meet Me Halfway
Copyright © 1981, Javan

Thanks to all who grace this page with their pictures; you will forever be remembered in my thoughts and heart, as I hope I will dwell also in yours.



Just a couple of good girls hanging out
Amy, Karen, Trish, Lori



What’s up girl?
Amy and Lori



Jeff “The Stuff” McVicar and
Amy “Firecracker” Vaughan
Gearing Up



Boy, I look small-These guys eat Wheaties
John, Amy, Brooks



The owner of Planet Fitness
Striking a pose with Wendy



Guess who had a birthday?
Amy Jason and Karen



Julie must feel lucky-Look at those guns!
Jason, Julie and Kirk



That’s what friends are for…
Amy and Johnny



Have you seen his trick yet?
Julie, Jeff and Amy



This is a group of STRENGTH!
Brandon, John, Kyle, and Amy



Sandy, are you ready to
go to the shindig?
Amy and Sandy


My Adopted Brothers
Amy, Jeff and Brandon



“The Bench Press Barbie”
A friend and inspiration



Smiley and “The Stuff”
Scoping out the Freaks and Peeps



Swirl, Amy and Punkin
Girls night out
Friends Forever



Swirl, Amy and Punkin
Girls night out
Friends Forever



Me and the Hitman
At the start of the show



The Hitman
Too much Crown and Coke
Time to carry him home