Family, a very simple word with the most intricate meaning of any word in existence.



My little angel – Alexa Rayne

What exactly is a family, and what holds such a bond together? Well most deem a family as a blood relative, a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, etc. As for myself, I tend to stare much deeper into it’s meaning and hold close all those that dwell in its realm. A family to me is the close-knit group of people, which encompass and affect your life, whether with negative or positive results. They are there till the end, never retreating, never surrendering but always forgiving.



That’s My Mamy!

I, myself, am a very lucky woman. I have a family of peers, friends, relatives and brethren that I feel are second to none. So many in this world are too busy being alive and not busy enough living. God grants us each day, and we must treat that day like a brush mark on the canvas of life, careful with each stroke, gentle with each color, soft with each brush. For in the end only we can decide if this painting is to be a fruitless collection of pictures, or a masterpiece. Family is the group that the painting both depends on and submits to, and each stroke is a direct result of your action or theirs. They will help you right your wrongs, never waiver in the face of danger or desolation, walk down that path of life as a brave soldier headed to battle, for to be a family that is true, you must first be a true friend.



My Momma might can pull this…
but she will never be a Firecracker

One cannot differentiate for a real friend is family and real family are friends. A friend does not walk in front of you, for you may not follow; they do not walk behind you, for you may not lead; rather they stand beside you, and walk step in step, even if they feel you are not on the right track. They never relinquish their position as your guardian and comrade, they forever stay focused on the masterpiece and help each stroke of the brush run true. Thus these select few form your family, asking no more than they grant, wanting your success to surpass their own, in return only asking the same of you.


Dance,Dance,Dance–Now Shake It Down!

A family depends on the growth of the unit rather than the advancement of a single person, and a bond forms that time and pain cannot break or weaken, and death cannot steal away. The only link in a family that is weak, is one’s own self, for only each one of use can determine our own actions and decisions, no matter how much support or resistance we encounter, in the end, it is a soul decision. Hence, if a family separates, it is only due to the self-gratification of one and that one person separates him or herself from the group.


My Sisters Nancy and Donna

My family is a strong unit, with an abundance of love and dedication to each other. We try to focus on the positive aspects of life and never let one another waver when life takes a swing and knocks one of us down. See, I have discovered the secret to life is to get up one more time than life knocks you down, until life gets tired of swinging.


Mops, Alexa and Amy—Girls to the End

What is a family? I can go on and on, but to give you the greatest example, look upward. There you will see the greatest family of all, a Father that loves us so much. He let his son, our brother, die so we may live, to all one day be reunited as one family, a family of angels—
“There is no greater love than to shed your life for a friend”
My definition of family–Wrought from the Word—
– Amy Vaughan



Not Only Is He A Friend, Trainer, and My Love,
He Is Also a Great Hunter



Me and my Nephews–Wesly and Bradly



Girls Rule and Boys Drool



Hey Sandy, I think Our Horse is too SMALL!



Me and Ronnie–This is Love


Fire and Shackles